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Our Company:  Laser Safety Systems is a laser safety engineering firm located in South Carolina.  Our safety engineering experience comes from over 30 years involvement in the Nuclear and Department of Energy laboratory environment. Our expertise is solely dedicated to safe laser work practices and engineered safety controls.


Our Goal:  We want to be the first company that people think of when they need engineered laser safety controls.  In order to meet this goal we provide a superior product at a fair price.  We provide custom services and stand behind our products.


Our Beliefs:  We have a firm belief that engineered laser safety controls should not be an afterthought, nor should they look like an afterthought.  We believe that employees or students surrounded by unsafe conditions are more likely to adopt unsafe behavior.  In contrast, those surrounded by clean and well designed engineered safety systems will know that safety is a priority and are much more likely to work in a safe manner.


Our Services: Laser Safety Systems provides an array of interlock modules that are easily combined to form a complete interlock system.  These modules can be mounted on the wall surface to permit installation in an existing facility, or they can be mounted within the wall during construction of a new lab space.  As an added service, Laser Safety Systems provides interlock system layout consultation to architects during building design.  Regardless of whether the lab space is new or existing, we assist clients in their system design so that each client is guaranteed to receive a custom-designed system to meet his/her exact needs.


Our Role in the ANSI Standard and Laser Safety: Laser Safety Systems designs each product to meet the requirements of ANSI Z136.1-2014.  The versatile modular format of our design is well suited for a simple upgrade of a module if (or when) a future change in the ANSI standard occurs that affects recommended engineered controls.  Our standardized color scheme for all of our modules identifies our system and brings safety recognition and purpose to the front of the mind of the laser worker.



Laser Safety Systems is a Woman-Owned Small Business                                         

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