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Laser room warning displays, signage, and interlock controls are specified by ANSI Z136.1-2014 for Safe Use of Lasers


Low power systems below class 3B usually only employ a warning sign on the door, whereas higher power systems employ warning lights and access controls that are either Defeatable or Non-defeatable.


Non-defeatable means the laser is interlocked to the entryway and will trip if the door is opened.  It is usually set up as depicted in the image below:


non defeatable laser interlock image

Defeatable access controls allow an authorized laser worker to briefly open the door for ingress or egress.  In such cases it is imperative that the entryway does not have a possibility of exposure to laser intensity above the maximum permissible exposure level (MPE).  An example of a room configured for defeatable access is shown below:


defeatable laser interlock image

An example layout of some of the modules one might find at a laser table is shown below:


pdf link image

An example of one of the simplest layouts possible for a defeatable access controller on a simple curtained enclosure

pdf link image

Information regarding the roles played by OSHA, FDA, and ANSI with regard to laser safety

pdf link image

ANSI Z136.1-2014 Definitions specifically dealing with laser room interlock requirements

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