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Help us help you....If our product page looks a little bit overwhelming, understand that we are here to help you get exactly what you need to meet the safety recommendations of ANSI Z136.1 and/or IEC 60825-1 section 10.2


If your budget is tight, you can start off with a basic system and expand it later. Our modular system is easily expanded as your needs grow over time.


The process:  We will discuss your needs and ask you to provide a simple layout drawing of the laser area.  We will take your drawing and develop a plan based on your needs.  The plan will include a complete bill of materials from which we will produce a quote.  The pdf plan is also a complete stand-alone document that you can use as engineered safety documentation for any future safety audit.  We keep a copy on file too so if you ever need to expand the room or relocate the equipment, we can quickly update the document for you.  The plan also includes links to all user manuals.


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Here is an example of a clients medium complexity layout plan and recommendations based on our discussion of their room layout

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Here is an example of one of the simplest layouts possible on a small curtain enclosure while still providing defeatable access for personnel movement in and out of the laser hazard zone

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